Pillow Mist - £ 18.00

  • Capacity: 100ml

Provide yourself with the highest quality rest and a deeper sleep thanks to the scented mist for bedding from the Pure Royal line.

▪ calming and cosy compositions pleasantly envelop the senses, relax and make it easier to fall asleep

Plastic Surface Cleaner (750ml) - £ 7.90

Plastic Surface Cleaner (750ml) perfectly removes all types of dirt: greasy residue, dust, and soot.

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Shower Cabinet Cleaner (750ml) - £ 6.00

This 750ml Shower Cleaner is recommended for cleaning shower cabins, bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, tiles and other surfaces.

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Soy Candle - £ 45.00

Simultaneously it fills the room with a beautiful scent, has a positive influence on your mood and improves the well-being of your body.

▪    contains natural essential oils
▪    has a pro-health effect
▪    handmade
▪    based on plant wax
▪    with a cotton wick
▪    available in a wide range of scents

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Stainless steel cleaner - INOX (250ml) - £ 8.00

This 250 ml INOX Stainless Steel Cleaner is designed for cleaning matt stainless steel and contains soft silicones that effectively remove various stains such as fingerprints or oily deposits.

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Toilet Cleaning Wipes (84 wipes) - £ 7.50

Toilet Cleaning Wipes (84 pcs.) effectively remove dirt and residue thanks to carefully chosen ingredients.

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Ultra Absorbent Cleaning Cloth - £ 7.50

Perfect for cleaning various types of surfaces in the household. Their unique structure with a system of holes facilitates the absorption of water, oily substances, detergents and paints.
extremely absorbent
practical and economical solution
- can be rinsed and reused
- 34 pcs (23 x 39 cm)

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Vacuum Freshener - £ 9.00

It emits a beautiful scent in the vacuumed room and neutralises the unpleasant smell of dust, freshening the room for a long time. It is suitable for all types of dry-operating vacuum cleaners. Easy to use – just place it near the exhaust air filter.

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Wardrobe Fragrance - £ 4.50

Unique perfumery compositions in your wardrobe. Unusual scents for your home and office.
→ gradually release the scent

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Washing Machine Water Softening Tablets (400g) - £ 8.50

These 400g Water Softening Tablets for washing machines protect fabrics and colours.

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Washing Up Liquid (750ml) - £ 5.90

This 750ml Red Citrus Washing Up Liquid removes grease and other dirt quickly and effectively leaving dishes clean and shiny.

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