Evening make up Perfect Black 3 Step Mascara (8ml) - £ 14.00

  • Capacity: 8ml

This 8ml Perfect Black 3-Step Mascara volumises the lashes to the extreme while providing appropriate moisture. It spectacularly lengthens and precisely separates the lashes even after the first application. Natural active substances make the lashes look bigger and more distinct without sticking together, leaving no lumps and no smudging – the polymers in the mascara guarantee perfect coverage. The innovative shape of the 3 step brush with differing lengths of hair, enables application from the base to the tips of the lashes. The sensual black emphasises the intensity of the look giving your make up an intriguing brightness.

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Automatic Brow Pencil (0.31g) - £ 7.00

  • Capacity: 0.31g

This 0.31g Brow Pencil emphasises the shape of eyebrows to optically thicken them. It contains nourishing waxes and gives a natural effect, deep, long-lasting colour and it does not smudge. It contains rice powder for perfect application. Twist to open… twist to close. It has built-in sharpener.

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Bottled Eyeliner 5ml - £ 11.00

  • Capacity: 5ml

    Intense blackness and incredible precision for expressive flirtatious eye makeup.

    - long-lasting effect, no need for touch-ups during the day!
    - hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive eyes


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Diamond Eyepencil (0.34g) - £ 8.50

  • Capacity: 0.34g

This 0.34 g Diamond Eyepencil provides a beautiful, deep colour. Its diamond-like shimmering particles make your eyes sparkle. It is perfect for a glamourous evening or smoky eye make-up. The presence of polymers makes the pencil perfectly firm, with a creamy texture, which simplifies application. The formula is enriched with vitamin E. Twist up or down. It has a built-in sharpener and a sponge to smudge lines. It is waterproof.

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Allows you to give your eyebrows the perfect shape and colour. Its rice starch content gives it a matte finish. Thanks to its velvety formula, it blends and spreads easily. Guarantees a long-lasting effect for up to 12 hours. Directions of use: Using a brush apply evenly to your eyebrows.

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Eyelash Enhancing Serum 3ml - £ 30.00

The serum conditions eyelashes thanks to an active ingredient called: bimatoprost. It thickens and strengthens eyelashes and visibly improves their condition. The product may be used by people wearing contact lenses (remove the contact lenses before application of the serum). Can be used after chemotherapy, with eyelashes extensions, with permanent make-up, and lashes after henna treatment.

◾ makes eyelashes longer and thicker

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Gemstone Colour Mascara Intense - £ 12.00

A perfectly matched composition. ▪ It will emphasise not only your eyes but also your character and strength ▪ Thanks to the three unique shades, all eyes will be turned to you ▪ The perfect consistency and composition ensure perfect durability 9 ml

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Kajal EyePencil - £ 7.00

Draws thick and thin lines with immaculate precision. It will visually enlarge and highlight the beauty of your eyes! It is waterproof and smudgeproof. It has a convenient sharpener at the base of the pencil.


Lash Expert Mascara - Glam Black - £ 11.50

Perfect eye makeup even for up to 12 hours, without smudging or crumbling.

- maximally lengthened and flirtatiously curled eyelashes
- an asymmetric, flexible wand: shapes and lifts the lashes with the bigger bristles, and coats and separates even the tiniest hairs with the smaller bristles

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Legendary Full HD Lashes Mascara - £ 15.30

Give your eyelashes the spectacular, multi-dimensional FULL HD effect inspired by the look of Hollywood stars straight from the red carpet. Thanks to its advanced formula, the mascara will make your eyelashes extremely thick, flirtatiously curly and maximally long. The specially designed wand will precisely separate and define each eyelash, even the shortest one.

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Liquid Eyeliner Carbon Black. - £ 10.00

  • Capacity: 1.1ml

This 1.1 ml Liquid Eyeliner beautifully highlights the eye contour, visually thickens the lashes, and creates an
expressive look. Its perfectly shaped tip guarantees an excellent and easy application. It has a deep, intense colour that offers excellent coverage after one application. It has a capillary dosing system and it is very long-lasting.

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Long-Lasting Automatic Eye Pencil - £ 8.00

  • Capacity: 0.31g

Works perfectly with day and evening makeup. Precisely draws both thick and thin lines. It has a convenient sharpener at the base of the pencil.

- deep classy colours
- with a convenient sharpener at the base
- waterproof

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Long-Lasting Sparkle Cream Eyeshadow - £ 19.00

Leaves a captivating, intense shine on the eyelids. Thanks to the creamy-powder consistency, it is easy to apply and does not accumulate in skin creases.

  • extremely efficient and durable, it lasts all day
  • quickly adheres to the eyelids, giving them a stunning glow
  • non-sticky formula does not flake off

Luminous-Bronzing Powder - Sunny Soft Touch - £ 36.00

Sunny Soft Touch Luminous-Bronzing Powder will give you the effect of a natural tan with a delicate, golden glow. Your skin will look healthy and radiant as if sun-kissed and illuminated by sparkling rays. A cosmetic with a silky consistency that spreads perfectly and leaves no streaks will make you feel good from the very moment you apply it.

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Phenomenal Mascara - Intense Black - £ 13.00

  • Capacity: 10ml

Advanced formula and an ultraprecise wand guarantee a panoramic eyelash effect. Contains an innovative conditioning ingredient for longer and thicker lashes.

- lengthened, thickened, perfectly separated and curled lashes
- flexible mini-wand perfectly emphasises even the shortest and most delicate hairs

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Volumizing Waterproof Mascara 9ml - £ 13.00

Its formula dries fast and is extremely long lasting! Bold, super-defined lashes in the blink of an eye! Without clumping or flaking throughout the day! The exceptional brush coats lashes from their roots to their tips, not only for gorgeous

volume, but it will lengthen them too!

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