Blur Effect Lifting Foundation - £ 21.50

The blur effect, also referred to as the soft-focus effect, is a well-known term in the field of photography. It allows to smooth out all the sharp contours and blur the image in the picture so that the model’s face looks flawless and perfectly smooth. In the world of cosmetics it offers strikingly similar results. Thanks to the ingredients with unique optical properties, it creates a layer on the surface of the skin which reflects and diffuses light evenly, masking the imperfections of your skin.

It superbly covers imperfections and evens out your skin tone. It guarantees flawless, youthful and a natural look without the mask effect. Thanks to its light, liquid consistency, it spreads very easily.

  • prevents shiny-looking skin
  • gives a soft-focus effect
  • screates an immediate visual lifting effect

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Glowing Drops 3D Liquid Highlighter - £ 17.00

It immediately illuminates your skin and gives it an extra glow. Silky and liquid formula. It does not smudge and is not heavy on the skin.

  • guarantees phenomenally fresh and radiant look
  • optically rejuvenates the skin and eliminates signs of fatigue
  • ideal for the strobing makeup technique
  • to be used in spots on various parts of your face and body
  • with a formula containing wheat germ oil and betaine
  • with a pipette for easy dosing

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Ideal Cover Effect Foundation - £ 18.50

It provides a semi-matte finish and a perfect look without the mask effect for an unbelievably long time. Due to the light and silky consistency it spreads evenly. Enriched with vitamin B3 and E.

Ideal for all skin types!

• moisture resistant
• covers all imperfections
• perfectly evens skin tone
• highly pigmented
• very efficient - a thin layer evenly covers and gently mattifies  

UP TO 24H without the need for touch-ups!

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Make Up Setting Spray (100ml) - £ 11.00

  • Capacity: 100ml

This 100 ml Make Up Setting Spray is in the form of light moisturising mist. During the day it will refresh your face and add glow to it. It creates an invisible light film that protects make-up. Thanks to it the skin maintains impeccable look for longer without the feeling of stickiness or tightness. It contains witch hazel water that regulates sebum secretion and reduces the effect of shining skin, sodium lactate which perfectly moisturises the skin, Enantia chlorantha tree bark extract and panthenol that soothe irritations, and vitamin E that reduces harmful effects of sun rays. Preservation and refreshment in one product!

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Makeup Remover Towel - £ 9.00

Thoroughly removes even waterproof makeup without the use of cosmetic products. - just dampen it with water - suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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Matte Me Up Foundation (30g) - £ 13.90

  • Capacity: 30g

It provides the skin with a natural, fresh look. Vitamin B3 reduces the appearance of pores and reduces shiny skin. Suitable for combination and oily skin.
- lasting matte, uniform color and velvety finish
- conceals imperfections and fine lines
- a unique combination of pigments and powdery ingredients

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Micellar Lotion (150ml) - £ 10.90

  • Capacity: 150ml

Removes makeup and cleanses the skin, perfectly preparing it for further care
- based on rose water and Rosa Centifolia petals
- perfectly refreshes the skin

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Multifunctional Primer SPF 30 - £ 18.00

  • Collection: Makeup
  • Capacity: 30ml

A creamy emulsion with beige shade gives the skin a beautiful, healthy look and gently evens skin tone. Perfectly smooths the complexion, while helping to protect against harmful effects of UV rays.

  • exceptionally light formula
  • does not accumulate in wrinkles, does not overload or dry the skin
  • enriched with chamomile water, aloe and calendula extracts
  • gluten-free
  • beautiful fragrance

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P1 - BAMBOO - MATTE LOOSE POWDER 3.3g - £ 16.50

  • Bamboo Matte Loose Powder with a transparent formula provides a perfect finish. Effectively masks signs of fatigue and all imperfections. Bamboo shoot extract absorbs sebum, providing a long-lasting matte effect. Apply it to the entire face or to selected areas, such as the T-zone with a puff or brush.

P2 - HD EFFECT - MINERAL POWDER 4.3g - £ 16.50

  • HD Effect Mineral Powder perfectly smoothes the skin and guarantees a perfect make-up finish. The transparent formula enriched with caring jojoba oil is suitable for all skin tones. Apply over the entire face with a puff or brush.

P3 - BAKE IT - SETTING POWDER 6.6g - £ 16.00

  • Bake It Setting Powder perfectly camouflages imperfections and provides a long-lasting velvety finish. It gently reflects light, making it ideal for contouring the face using the baking technique. The universal shade suits any skin tone. Apply to the entire face or apply a thick layer to the areas that need illumination with a puff or brush. Leave it for a few minutes, then remove the excess

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Perfect Matt 2 in 1 Coverage Foundation - £ 45.00

Perfect Matte 2 in 1 Coverage Foundation provides a velvety matte finish and a perfect look for up to 12 hours. The foundation doubles as a concealer, perfectly covering all imperfections. Its light formula does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe without the unpleasant feeling of a mask.

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Silicone Base (15ml) - £ 14.50

  • Capacity: 15ml

This new 15 ml Silicone Base is a transparent base that makes your skin perfectly smooth, and enlarged pores and wrinkles become less visible. It prolongs make up durability and facilitates its perfect application. It mattifies the skin ensuring its fresh look. The secret behind its recipe is a combination of smoothing silicones, antioxidant C and E vitamin complex and soothing bisabolol. Its light, velvety formula is easy to spread, absorbs quickly and does not cause the feeling of skin tightness. It is suitable for every skin type.

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Soothing Face Serum - £ 13.50

– this is a formula preventing the effect of acne caused by wearing a mask for too long. 

Soothing facial serum helps prevent the negative consequences associated with frequently wearing face masks, soothing the skin and reducing imperfections. It contains innovative biomimetic lipopeptide, organic Centella Asiatica extract to effectively relieve inflammation, and the natural prebiotic Biolin P, which restores the skin’s balance and immunity. Grape seed oil and vitamin E strengthen the skin's lipid layer, nourishing and smoothing it and leaving it more elastic, while propanediol, trehalose, and squalane provide intensive moisturisation. Additionally, niacinamide reduces the formation of acne lesions and brightens the complexion.

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Sunny Soft Touch Luminous-Bronzing Powder will give you the effect of a natural tan with a delicate, golden glow. Your skin will look healthy and radiant as if sun-kissed and illuminated by sparkling rays. A cosmetic with a silky consistency that spreads perfectly and leaves no streaks will make you feel good from the very moment you apply it.

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Wise Green CC Primer Colour & Care (15ml) - £ 9.20

  • Capacity: 15ml

This 15ml CC Primer Colour & Care in Wise Green combines many functions: perfectly cares and evens the skin tone, prepares the skin for makeup, as well as extends its life. It reduces the appearance of pores, mattifies, and adds a perfect smoothing effect. Due to the greenish colour, it instantly neutralises redness and corrects imperfections. The visible results are a merit of an active formula based on the specially selected active ingredients. Horse chestnut extract strengthens the cappilaries, algae extract provides nutrition and regeneration, vitamin PP helps prevent discolouration, arnica extract perfectly soothes and tones your skin, and vitamin E has the antioxidant effect. Mineral pigments make the wrinkles less visible, and make the skin look healthy and radiant. It does not clog pores, so the skin can breathe freely. It is suitable for all skin types.

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