Hello Honey Body Pudding 130g - £ 12.50

This 130 g Body Pudding from Hello Honey Collection is a wonderfully fragrant butter with exceptionally fluffy texture.

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Hello Honey Nectar Body Wash 220ml - £ 12.50

This 220 ml Nectar Body Wash from Hello Honey Collection is a gentle wash with delicate oily texture.

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Hello Honey Sugar Body Scrub 150g - £ 14.20

This 150 g Sugar Body Scrub from Hello Honey Collection thoroughly cleanses, smooths and intensely oil the skin.

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Natural Body Pudding - £ 24.00

ychee, coconut oil and caffeine, slowing down the skin ageing processes as well as regenerating-lubricating shea butter. Thanks to allantoin and panthenol, it softens and soothes irritations, speeding up its regeneration.
` moisturises and makes the skin more flexible, restoring its youthful look
` with avocado oil that improves its tightness
` to be applied in the morning and the evening

Natural Sugar Body Scrub - £ 25.00

Honey dose of vitamins and oils for skin that lacks radiance. Thanks to vitamin E and soya as well as sunflower oil it has anti-ageing properties. It contains shea butter which perfectly regenerates the damaged epidermis and protects it against harmful external factors.
` cleanses, brightens and rejuvenates the skin
` with almond oil preventing the occurrence of stretch marks
` to be applied 1-2 times a week

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